360 GRAND EST 2023

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The “Territories: energies and beyond” approach was initiated in April 22 with the support of the Investment Commission for Innovation and Economic Mobilization (C2IME). Several meetings mobilized around a hundred participants: elected officials from the Regional Council and local authorities in the region, State representatives, economic and business networks, and the academic world. The various meetings made it possible to share or compare diagnostic elements and recommendations on energy issues, such as the decarbonization of industry, skills to accelerate the energy transition, or the energy choices to become a region. with positive energy. This collective approach has made it possible to unite the actors of the Grand Est around key themes to support the ambitions of the territory: training, industry, employment and ecological transition and opens up new perspectives. This notebook summarizes more than a year of collective discussions, supplemented by the views of key witnesses involved in these issues. It also highlights transformation projects to accelerate the implementation of the energy transition.

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