360 GRAND EST 2023

Business Convention

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Meet your future partners and customers The business convention allows the establishment of contact and appointments between participants of 360 Grand Est. Organized around 4 transformation themes: environment, digital, industry and health - the business convention aims to put the solutions of the Grand Est in relation to the needs of companies and territories. Appointments are now open. Up to you ! Who is the business convention for? ➔ For companies, territories, laboratories and research centers, solution providers, etc. ➔ wishing to initiate or develop a process of transformation in their organization, or to offer solutions ➔ on the themes of the environment, the energy, industry, digital or health It's time to build bridges and initiate new projects!

How doest it work ?

Here is the process in a nutshell. You may also wish to coordinate within your organization. Remember that 100% of satisfied participants are those who will take action without delay! Want to be accompanied? ➔ Follow our tutorial in video (coming soon) or in pdf (coming soon) ➔ Or give us a call! 09 74 36 98 98 1. I register for free at 360 Grand Est: Registration form 2. I create my access (username and password) via the email sent to me. 3. I am immediately invited to complete my access profile on the website including my areas of expertise and areas of interest… essential to attract appointment requests! 4. I regularly consult the platform to find profiles of participants that interest me and offer them appointments, and I respond to the appointment requests that I receive. 5. I find my appointments in the "my agenda" tab of the Business Convention interface. ➔ Attention, your appointments are validated when they are accepted by the person who has been requested. 6. See you on June 22 in the Business Convention area of 360 Grand Est at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès!

Business Meeting User's Guide

Discover in less than 5 minutes how the 360 business meetings work.