360 GRAND EST 2023

Europe commits to the Grand Est region

Europe is providing 60% of the funding for the 360 Grand Est event under the ERDF, the European Regional Development Fund.

On 22 June at 360 Grand Est, you were able to find out about European programmes and funding opportunities for your innovation and cooperation projects. Are you ready to take action? Find below the calls for projects and contact details:

Industrial and environmental transition

The European Institute of Technology, created in 2009, is organised into Knowledge and Innovation Communities, covering the major societal challenges up to 2030. At 360 Grand Est, you will have had the opportunity to meet some of these communities :

Europe is a major player in the funding of innovation in the Grand Est Region. Whether through the Structural Funds or sectoral programmes, hundreds of projects have been supported in companies, laboratories and, more generally, innovation players in the Grand Est region. Watch the replay of the 360 Grand Est Web TV session dedicated to project leaders who have benefited from European support with the help of the Grand Est Region: https://www.360grandest.fr/fr/session/5d791caa-3d01-ee11-907a-002248859577/l-europe-en-grand-est-un-accelerateur-de-l-innovation-