360 GRAND EST 2023

5G: technological convergence and use cases

Jun 22, 202308:30 am - 9:30 AM

Salle Madrid 1 : ateliers

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This sequence on industrial 5G will highlight the major transformations that this technology brings to the industry, exploring the convergence of various technologies and presenting concrete use cases. Attendees will have the opportunity to understand how 5G goes beyond simply improving communication speeds to redefining industrial operations. Experts will discuss the necessary technological convergence, from its installation to its application on digital twins, Internet of Things, augmented reality and other fields to create an interconnected ecosystem. They will also share inspiring examples of industrial 5G use cases such as in an SNCF Maintenance Center, 5GILABB. The benefits of instant and reliable communication between machines using 5G will be highlighted, delivering significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, environmental impact, safety and quality. This roundtable is a unique opportunity to interact with regional experts, exchange ideas and explore how 5G can transform your industry through technological convergence and innovative use cases.

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