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What is the environmental impact of digital at the regional level? 1st restitution and perspective of the ADEME Grand Est study

Jun 22, 202311:45 am - 12:30 PM

Hall Rhin : transformation numérique

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"Digital technology is now omnipresent in our society, it is the source of new uses which we could no longer do without and which contribute to the development of our economy. But it also raises questions in terms of inclusion, ethics and environmental sustainability, fundamental to responsible digital technology. After an initial assessment of the environmental impact of digital technology carried out by ARCEP and ADEME on a French scale, ADEME Grand Est took an interest in the digital environmental impact on a regional scale. We invite you to discover in this sequence the first results of a study launched by ADEME Grand Est which aims to quantify the environmental impact of digital on the scale of the region as well as its evolution by 2030. It will also be an opportunity to create a regional dynamic at the crossroads of Digital and Environment subjects."

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