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A major player in the energy transition, the EDF group is an integrated energy company, present in all business lines: production, transport, distribution, trading, energy sales and energy services. Leader in low-carbon energies in the world, the Group has developed a diversified production mix based mainly on nuclear and renewable energy (including hydropower) and invests in new technologies to support the energy transition. EDF's raison d'être is to build a CO2-neutral energy future that reconciles preservation of the planet, well-being and development, thanks to electricity and innovative solutions and services. EDF will be present with the following entities: - EDF Commerce Est offers electricity and gas contracts, as well as energy efficiency solutions to regional players. EDF supports you towards carbon neutrality thanks to innovative solutions and services. - EDF Hydro Est operates and maintains several hydroelectric power stations located in the Grand Est region: in Alsace, Lorraine and the Ardennes. They represent a total power of 1,400 MW and produce a little more than 8 billion kWh on average each year, i.e. the equivalent of two thirds of the electricity consumption of Alsace. The hydroelectricity they produce is a fully renewable energy that does not cause greenhouse gas emissions. - Hynamics is the subsidiary of the EDF group which produces and markets low-carbon hydrogen. It targets two markets with high CO2 emissions: industry and heavy mobility. - Datanumia develops innovative digital solutions (web portals, applications) to monitor, optimize and manage energy consumption and the carbon footprint, whether in individual or collective housing, tertiary buildings or industries. - Urbanomy is a consulting firm in carbon and energy planning. Urbanomy advises its clients to help them achieve low carbon objectives for their organization, their real estate projects or their asset portfolio by providing them with Net Zero strategies as well as actionable technical-economic studies and recommendations, based on R&D and simulation tools.

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