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Directrice Générale


Public health physician and holder of a master's degree specializing in economics and management of health services, Lise Alter was medical adviser "blood, grafts, tissues, cells" within the general directorate of health of the Ministry of Health of 2012 to 2013, then consulting physician[1] at the National Health Insurance Fund until 2014. After four years spent in the Lilly France laboratory (2014-2018) in the "market access" department then as Manager of the Oncology Business Unit, she joined the Directorate General for Healthcare Supply of the Ministry of Health in 2018 as Assistant to the Deputy Director of Performance Management for players in the healthcare supply. In 2020, Lise Alter was appointed director of medical, economic and public health assessment at the Haute Autorité de santé, she coordinates the work of the services to respond in particular to the challenges of evaluating tests, treatments and vaccines against Covid-19. 19 and put in place a new management organization to deal with the challenges of innovation. On October 31, 2022, Sylvie Retailleau, Minister for Higher Education and Research, François Braun, Minister for Health and Prevention, and Roland Lescure, Minister Delegate for Industry, announced with Bruno Bonnell, Secretary general for investment in charge of France 2030, the appointment of Dr Lise Alter to the position of general manager of the AIS, during the ministerial "Health" steering committee of France 2030.

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