360 GRAND EST 2023


Christophe REIF


Directeur Régional Délégué


Joined Ademe in 1999 after a university course in the management of natural resources and the environment, Christophe Reif went through many missions at ADEME before becoming Deputy Regional Director Grand Est in January 2020. Positioned at the Metz site, he brings proximity to the agency in the Lorraine region. At the same time, he manages the Circular Economy division of the Regional Department, carries the "business" strategy and manages the resources entrusted to Ademe as part of the recovery plan. It keeps in mind the concerns of businesses and communities, namely to develop ecological transition projects that must remain economically sustainable. It is for him the role of a regional management to advise its partners in an economic world which still requires assistance from ADEME to accelerate the transition. ADEME is not alone in the field and it is the coordination of its action with all the players in the transition that is the red thread guiding its choices. Listening to his collaborators, whose mission difficulties he has shared, he understands their needs and remains open to debate and criticism. Attached to a working atmosphere where seriousness is not synonymous with austerity, he has a taste for pedagogy and communication: he finds his satisfaction in the development of the skills of the people around him in his professional activities but also personal as an instructor at the French Federation for Underwater Studies and Sports. Placing the right person in the right position, building an autonomous team and strength of proposal, this is what drives him on a daily basis in addition to achieving the objectives of ADEME in which he deeply believes.

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