360 GRAND EST 2023


Laurent DAL MAS

Agence Régionale de Santé du Grand Est

Directeur qualité, performance et innovation


An engineer by training, Laurent Dal Mas began his career in the management of hospital real estate projects in France and abroad. Having joined the Alsace Regional Hospitalization Agency in 2003, he was in charge of implementing the 2007 hospital investment plan. In April 2011, he joined the Alsace Regional Health Agency as head of the financial affairs, investments and information systems development department. In March 2014, he was appointed Director of Quality, Performance, with among his fields of intervention: the observatory and analysis of health data, Inspections, control, Quality, relations with users, performance support and risk management. Following the implementation of the territorial reform, he became, in January 2016, Director of quality, performance and innovation within the ARS Grand Est and intervenes in the following scope: Quality and vigilance, Relevance and Innovation, Tools and quality of health data, Health analyzes and studies, Regional Focal Point and health monitoring, Organization of the response to exceptional health situations.

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