360 GRAND EST 2023



Monsieur le Recteur de la région académique Grand Est, recteur de l'académie de Nancy-Metz, chancelier des universités.


Holder of a doctorate in geography, Richard Laganier became a lecturer at Lille-I in 1995. He joined the University of Paris-Diderot as a professor in 2004 where he headed the geography department as well as the doctoral school "economics, spaces , societies, civilisations" before being elected vice-president of research in 2007. In 2014, he joined the University of Guyana, where he held the position of President of the University until 2017. Thereafter, he became site and establishment advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, then temporary administrator of Toulouse-II Jean-Jaurès University in 2018. Rector of the Nice Academy and Chancellor of Universities in 2019, Richard Laganier has been appointed Rector of the Grand Est academic region, Rector of the Nancy-Metz Academy, Chancellor of Universities since July 20, 2022. He is also Knight of the Legion of Honor (2015), Officer of the National Order of Merit (2022) and Commander of the Academic Palms (2018). He has also been a member of several committees, scientific councils and administrators such as the National Committee for Sustainable Development Education for the Ocean and the Seas.

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