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A premium player in sustainable and innovative ecological sanitation, Aquatiris was founded in 2007 by Edwige LE DOUARIN and Martin WERCKMANN. Offering a sanitation system for individuals that uses filters planted with reeds and semi-aquatic plants (iris, water mint, marsh iris, loosestrife, etc.), AQUATIRIS offers an alternative to conventional sanitation solutions for the home. . With more than 60 franchises, AQUATIRIS continues to expand its network in France and opens up to new horizons (agricultural, tourism, etc.) thanks to its internal Research & Development division. Phyto-purification is a solution approved by the Ministries of Health and Ecological Transition. AQUATIRIS is the winner of the Climaxion prize carried by ADEME in 2017, and 1st place of the Aquaplus label of the professional actors of the ANC most committed to sustainable development in 2018.