360 GRAND EST 2023

Université de Reims


The University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA) is a multidisciplinary training and research university. Welcoming and dynamic, it offers a favorable environment for studies, student life and research. In partnership with national research organizations and Grandes Ecoles, it develops high-level research through major scientific projects, cutting-edge technological resources and partnerships with socio-economic players. Through its scientific strategy, it supports the emergence of new themes to enable the discoveries and innovations of tomorrow. The URCA develops its scientific project around four major centers with strong scientific expertise: a multidisciplinary center in Agrosciences, Environment, Biotechnology and Bioeconomy (AEBB); a Health division; a Digital and Engineering Sciences center (SNI) and a Human and Social Sciences center (SHS). Research at URCA is based on: • 850 researchers and teacher-researchers; • 31 labeled laboratories; • 15 technological platforms and technical platforms; • 4 Research Federations; • 14 academic, industrial, partnership chairs, junior professors; • 4 doctoral schools.