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920 / 5 000 Résultats de traduction Résultat de traduction The only national generalist public purchasing centre, UGAP is a specific actor in public purchasing whose overall activity amounts to more than 5.88 billion euros excluding tax in 2022. It operates in "purchase for resale » and as such ensures the entire commercial relationship, from the issuance of the estimate to the invoicing. Its clients are local authorities, state administrations and public establishments, public health establishments and the social sector. Any public purchaser who uses UGAP is exempt from its advertising and competitive bidding obligations and can therefore immediately access, without having to conclude a contract, all of its offer. 74% of the companies awarded its contracts are SMEs or ETIs and 95% of its contracts include a CSR provision. For ten years, UGAP has been awarded the "Supplier Relations and Responsible Purchasing" label.