360 GRAND EST 2023

PICC Développement



PICC solution; a complete knowledge and know-how management system. The PICC Solution Platform supports companies/industries to meet at least 3 challenges: 1. Fit: The abundance of information and the effort required to search for it is a challenge. In a constantly changing work environment, getting the right knowledge at the right time is essential to take informed decisions. 2. Normalize: Standardization of processes is crucial to ensure consistency in the quality of products and services. However, with the development constant technology, processes evolve. It becomes difficult to keep standards and best practices up to date. 3. Preserve the “Know-how”: Staff turnover can result in the permanent loss of knowledge, which could lead to reduced productivity and quality issues. Centralize know-how management to ensure easy access to relevant information. Automate the harvesting process, analysis of data (IioT) and information contained in documents. Create a culture that values knowledge sharing and encourages employees to work together to solve problems