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Luxembourg Institute of Health



Ulf Nehrbass serves as CEO of LIH, the Luxembourg Institute of Health. The institute is focusing on biomedical research and extends its activities into clinical trials and population health. Ulf Nehrbass has spent his career in translational research focusing on the application of excellent research towards unmet patient needs. As the Director and founder of Institut Pasteur Korea he has been invested in the application of basic research towards therapy development. There he gathered an international team to establish one of the first translational drug discovery institutes. The project, starting in 2004, was innovative as it moved away from target based approaches, instead relying on target free, visual drug discovery with live disease models. This has resulted in the development of Q203, a first in class compound and the world’s most potent candidate against mdr and xdr TB, which is currently in Clinical Phase II. Ulf Nehrbass was also founder and CEO of Qurient Therapeutics, a Biotech near Seoul, Korea, which has undergone a successful I.P.O. in 2016. More recently Ulf has started a French German translational center, Ksilink, which has been co-founded by INSERM, Sanofi, the Unversity of Strasbourg, University of Heidelberg and two SME organizations, Alsace Biovalley and BioPro. Ksilink is employing Artificial intelligence approaches to develop patient based disease models for drug discovery and is becoming a highly successful player in this emerging field. Prior to his translational engagement Ulf worked in fundamental research, as a Chef d’Unite at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and a research associate with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the Rockefeller University in New York. He did his studies in Biochemistry at Cambridge University, UK and performed his thesis work with PhD fellowship EMBL in Heidelberg. In 2006 Ulf Nehrbass was nominated EMBO fellow.

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