360 Grand Est 2021


Jean-François THIBOUS

Direction des affaires juridiques des ministères économiques et financiers

Directeur de projet « Transformation numérique de la commande publique »


Since May 2018, Jean-François Thibous has been the project director of the digital transformation of public procurement. He began his career in the senior civil service, both in the regions where he was Deputy Director of a Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and the Environment (DRIRE), or at the European Commission where he followed the FPRD (Framework Programme for Research and Development) and competition issues in R&D. Jean-François Thibous was also an advisor for economic and social affairs in the ministerial cabinet (Sustainable Development), in charge of innovation, socially responsible investment, taxation and public procurement. He also has a background in business as director of investments of an investment fund, CEO of an environmental group or founding president of a management company for large public-private projects. Jean-François Thibous is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and the Corps des Ponts et Chaussées.

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