360 Grand Est 2021



CHU Nancy

Chef de service de l'unité de Thérapie cellulaire et banque de Tissus (UTCT)


After studying Pharmacy and completing an internship in specialised Pharmacy in Paris, I have been practising for more than 20 years in Cellular Therapy at the CHRU of Nancy and I have been the head of the UTCT department since 2011. At the same time, I teach Biotherapies and Immunology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Nancy and I carry out a research activity on Cellular Immunotherapies within a team that she leads in the CNRS unit (7365 IMoPA). For several years, the UTCT has been positioned as the production unit for Innovative Therapy Medicines for the whole of the Grand Est region and has benefited from the support of the Grand Est Region and the Metropole of Greater Nancy to develop its premises and equipment. In parallel, the UTCT has developed two innovative therapy drugs: anti-viral T lymphocytes and mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord (a trial was recently completed in severe forms of COVID 19). In 2020, the UTCT was labelled in collaboration with the LRGP (P E Olmos) Industrial Integrator.

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