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Dr. Pascal Voiriot, President of the BAGE2 Working Group is also Vice President of BioValley France. After training as an internist (infectiology) and cardiologist at the University Hospital of Nancy, followed by a post-doctoral period in Methodology (University of Sherbrooke - PQ - Canada), Dr. Voiriot practices as a doctor in Nancy. He participated in the establishment and animation of working groups of the Medicines Agency (currently ANSM) for nearly 20 years. He created the Cardiabase corelab in 1999, with the mission of providing a cardiological safety service during the development of new drugs. The success of this initiative has led over the years to expand the range of services provided to pharmaceutical manufacturers (integrated services in the "Banook" group) of which Dr. Voiriot is the President. In 2021, the Banook Group became the dominant European player in the cardiological drug safety service, with an operational presence in Montreal since 2016 and the recent acquisition (2021) of the main German ECG corelab (nabios gMBh).

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