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Directeur Général d'Efficacity


Michel Salem-Sermanet graduated in 1989 from École Polytechnique and in 1992 from ENPC. He has held various operational positions within the Ministry of Equipment in Ile de France (transport, housing, urban planning, environment), in ministerial cabinet as well as in local authorities. He has also worked in urban project financing agencies in developing countries (World Bank, French Development Agency). In 2006, he moved to London for three years to take care of the urban project around the site of the 2012 Olympics, within the Greater London Authority. He then took the position of operational DGA of the CG78, then became in 2011 DGA within the developer of Marne-la-Vallée EPAMARNE, where he initiated an ambitious policy of urban innovations. In May 2014, he took over the management of the new Efficacity Institute.

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