360 Grand Est 2021

Eurométropole de Strasbourg


The Eurometropole of Strasbourg is a leading place for sustainable development. It supports the business transformation for local innovation players and companies to recover and boost their activity after the crisis. European capital, home of the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and other European organisations, Strasbourg is a hub connected to Rhine, European and international networks, bestowed with a diversified local economy and 30M inhabitants within a radius of 250 km. Strasbourg remains a hub for innovation in a major industrial region by investing in new technologies (health, mobility, creative industries, etc.) and its longstanding tradition of solidarity and "team play" which gave birth to a variety of pioneering economic models. Launched in 2020, the Pact for a local sustainable economy demonstrates the strong will of the local government and economic players to speed up all transitions, be it digital, ecologial or social, all over the metropolitan area. The Pacts invites innovators and wealth generators to scale up their ambition and intensify their responsible business. To learn more about the Pact and join the move: www.strasbourg.eu/pacteecodurable You are part of an SME or a project holder, willing to... Launch the digital transformation of your business? Try Beecome! Join a spatial incubator and benefir from space data to boost innovation? Learn mor about ISU incubator! Start a CSR/responsability strategy and begin with a concrete change? Let's go with START-RSE! Our economic devlopment team will be there to welcome you at 360 Grand Est and find solutions to address the issues you face. Come to our booth and meet with: > 9am – 10am: Ludan Andres (industry) > 10am – 11am: Arnaud Guittard (Beecome and digital affairs) > 12:15pm – 2pm: Lisa Herledan (circular economy) > 1:30pm - 2pm: Philippe Portelli (innovation, START-RSE) - room upstairs > 2pm - 3:30pm: Olivier Hervé-Bazin (green economy) > All day long: Delphine Krieger (international development and innovation), Tristan Boursico (Pact for a local sustainable economy), Local climate Agency (counsel for low carbon mobility)

Our Sessions