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The Institute for Technological Research Materials Metallurgy and Processes (IRT M2P) puts its expertise, equipment and network of academic laboratories at the service of industrial R&D projects. In particular, M2P industrial pilots enable faster development of products and processes in an environment representative of the constraints of partner companies. The technology offer and platforms are at the service of any manufacturer through tailor-made services, private R&D projects or multi-partner projects. Since 2013, the IRT M2P has been supported by the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA) with an attractive co-financing of projects initiated by industrialists. Our areas of technological expertise Materials and Processes: • Metal powders, • Advanced foundry, • Life Cycle Assessment and Recycling, • Treatments & Surface coatings, • Mechanical surface treatments, • Heat and thermochemical treatments, • Composite materials with organic matrix, • Multi-material assembly, • Analysis & Characterization. M2P means are also available for vocational training.

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