360 GRAND EST 2023




After 10 years of research within the LORIA (Lorraine Research Laboratory in Artificial Intelligence), CYBER-DETECT has developed a unique technology for the detection and characterization of malware. Its know-how, called morphological analysis, makes it possible to model the behavior of an executable file and quickly identify the most sophisticated attacks that manage to deceive conventional defense systems. Its founders, international malware specialists, have developed the first solution capable of detecting zero-day viruses and variants, characterizing the threat and providing concrete remedies. Its solution, called Gorille, is integrated into the protection chain built by CERTs or SOCs and constitutes a reliable, fast and above all essential analysis brick in the face of cyber risk. Gorille is interfaceable with other solutions on the market such as EDR, SIEM or SOAR and embeds the latest technological innovation from CYBER-DETECT: packer analysis.